Facts And Benefits

  • We can dry out problem drainage area common with the Torch Lake area.
  • Foundation drains installed around perimeter of house.
  • All framing point loads and bearing points painted with red when framed, then painted green after loads are transferred all the way to the foundation. This is very important and will prevent drywall cracks, humped door and window frames, and general settling of the house.
  • Porter Builders employees do the majority of the work, rather than relying on sub contractors. This controls the cost, quality and schedule.
  • Ice and water shield is used on entire roof structure. Others use limited Ice and water shield, then roofing felt which leaks and tears.
  • Ice and water shield is also used up 36? behind siding on all dormers where snow usually collects during the northern Michigan winters.
  • Pressure treated plywood is used for bottom 24? of wall sheathing, then covered with ice and water shield up 36?
  • All wall plates are glued down to prevent drafts and entire house is covered in house wrap with all seams taped to prevent air infiltration.
  • All switches and outlets are foamed from behind to prevent any drafts from coming through wall penetrations.
  • Large number of high quality Anderson windows are used and meticulously installed with flashing and expanding foam to prevent water or air infiltration.
  • High performance (R7 per inch) corebond expanding foam insulation is used along seams of sheathing and in all roofing areas that cannot breathe.
  • Energy efficient air source heat pump are included to save money on rising fuel costs.
    Copper piping is used for all water lines.
  • 5/8? (not 1/2?) drywall is used on ceilings and walls to maintain flat and strong walls.
  • Quality Decora light switches and generous amount of can lighting used through out house.
  • Bold, wide trim and baseboard used throughout house.
  • Cedar or cement board siding, stone, and shake make a unique exterior look that stands out.
  • All closet systems are custom made to owner’s choice of design.
  • All fireplaces are set up for wood burning or gas log compatible.
  • All showers and tub surrounds have custom laid tile. (no fiberglass showers).
  • Wood garage doors will be used with premium Sikkens finish.
  • Your project will have a foreman that is on your job everyday from start to finish.
  • Ed Porter will visit the jobsite at least twice a day to supervise.
  • Construction process with Porter Builders is an enjoyable experience. Communication is very thorough and you will receive pictures emailed to you approx. 3 times a week.

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